Legal services

1. Legal services in the business field:

  • Consult conditions, procedures and business forms.
  • Draw up legal documents: Charter, Joint Venture Contract, internal  Arrangement, internal regulation.
  • Carry out procedures for applying for a business license.
  • Consult legal issues in the course of business activities of businesses

2. Legal service in the Investment sector:

  • Consult investment law on procedures, conditions and investment process in Vietnam;
  • Consult and analyze the effectiveness of foreign investment projects (indirect and direct), domestic investment projects.
  • Draw up investment documents.
  • On behalf of clients to conduct investment procedures, explain to the authorized organs and gain the approval of the investment license.
  • Introduce locations of the project; procedures and opportunities to transfer investment projects and related legal issues.

3. Legal service in the contractual sector:

  • Consult the law of contract ;
  • Check, edit and give legal opinions on the content of contract in the field of business, Commerce, Civil service, Construction, Real Estate, business cooperation, investment cooperation…
  • Represent and on behalf of clients to negotiate with partners about the content of contract.
  • Draw up various types of contracts.

4. Debt recovery service

  • Representing on behalf of clients to handle with debt recovery cases  by mediation and agreement.
  • Representing under authority or electing the lawyer to handle with debt recovery cases in authorized organs .

5. Proceedings in court :

  • In proceedings, our lawyers will participate in as the authorized representative or the lawyer protecting clients’ benefit in the People’s Court which has jurisdiction in Economics, Economics – Labor disputes.

6. Regular legal consulting service:

  • Consult on issues relating to the internal organization of the clients’ business;
  • Consult on the regulations of Vietnamese law on contracts, and offer legal solutions, practical solutions for clients in the process of negotiating contract with partners.
  • Consider the legality of the documents prepared by clients or before and during the signing of the contract (or termination) with partners. Directly or indirectly assist clients in drawing up contracts and transaction documents.
  • Join as a clients’ advisor in the negotiations, signing and contract implementation.
  • Consult about the guidelines, policies and solution procedures relating to the complaints, suit or disputes of contracts between clients and partners
  • Provide legal documents relating to the content of clients’ activities.
  • Provides contract samples and forms to work with state organs.



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